Take the Narrow Path

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve been looking for the path to salvation your entire life. This urge begins in your spirit, in the unthinking belly of you; your very life force sending this desire to your subconscious soul. You act out this desire any many ways, and have from the beginning of your earliest memories.

When the subconscious begs of your conscious soul, “What information can you find on this topic?” It invariably reaches out to the senses of the flesh. The eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and skin sensations.

You are born.

Flooded with all of these worldly sensations of five, you cry out for salvatian. Your mother comes into view, you hear her voice. You take milk. Your head is caressed, and you can smell the clean and care by which you are received.

Your conscious mind, connected so to the flesh, sends back signals into the deep that all is well. No need to worry, salvation must have been found. Later, you find yourself awakening in torment. The spirit of you, begging for salvation. The hunger has returned.

“How can this be? We received salvation unto ourselves and yet, there is need for it.”  Says the deep soul to the mind.

Life goes on in this fashion for a time.

When you learn your childhood development skills, you are ready again to receive your salvation: Education. You’ve known there is something beyond this monotonous routine of going to Sunday school, or watching cartoons, or eating too much food, or … eating too little. Whatever your case may be, if you were like me, you were ready for school to come in and teach you everything you needed to know.


The salvation of studying didn’t turn out so well. You got a bad grade, despite your efforts. Or, maybe you took it seriously, and had no problem until you got a black eye for being a nerd.

I guess salvation of making friends didn’t work either. Some of them turned their back on you, and there are times when you wish that the ones you didn’t would. Your girlfriends and boyfriends are running around kissing other boys and girls on the bus, and holding hands in the hallways. Your teacher has a controlling and condescending personality, and it physically or emotionally hurts to learn something from her.

Meanwhile, back at home;

Mom and Dad aren’t together anymore. New guy around you don’t get along with, uncles going crazy, family pride unto death on one side and banjos and Jesus Christ on the other. Brothers having different kinds of problems you don’t really understand, sister has crazy fits that get the whole family going, TV blaring out nonsense commercials 90 miles an hour. Books, comics, dogs, cats, telephones, radio, arguments, drama;

Other sounds are there that mean nothing; air conditioner, fan, light bulb buzzing, refrigerator, neighbors, wasps, the toilet water; You get the point.

This entire time, your spirit has been calling out for salvation.

Your subconscious mind has given up asking questions. Your conscious mind is so full of garbage that just waking up in the morning causes a halfhearted anxiety attack. Your flesh is wrong, wrong, wrong. Gotta change it in this way or that. Bigger, smaller, curvier, richer, faster, smarter, prettier, nicer, more skilled musically.And keep in mind, you haven’t even graduated high school yet.

And unto your next salvation you went.

Maybe you went right to college, and did well and made a career. Maybe now your life is full of very little worry, but you continue your salvation plan by hoarding more and more money, vacationing, settling down, financing, having a family who all go through the previous stages we just mentioned. If that has been your life, your may be less blessed than you believe.

It is easier for a camel to enter into the eye of a needle.

Why: you have found success in life, and you have come to terms with the fact that you must die. History proves it. The greatest people ever to live never to be heard or seen of again … what makes you any better? You have provided yourself limitless salvation from the demands of the flesh. Your media has beat this into your subconscious mind, that part of you that can connect to the spirit and tell him/her that everything is A – OK. It isn’t.

We all know however, that’s not the majority.

Maybe school didn’t work out, or it did and you hate your job. Or it did and you can’t even FIND a job. Maybe you got married and joined the work force, and your wife died. Salvation plan failed; Epic Level.

Maybe you got tied up in credit cards and school loan debt, and you literally owe a number that you pretend doesn’t exist because it’s so high that you  know you’ll never be able to pay. Epic Level Salvation Fail.

Your wife left you for another man, your husband can’t stop watching internet porn, your kids are totally out of control,  the TV is getting worse by the day. You don’t like it at first, but then you get used to it. By then the whole family is gathering for an hour to watch a show about mindless zombies attacking the living. When it’s over, the black screen watched the mindless zombies, which are the families, attack each other, which are the living.

Epic Salvation Fail.

Going to church hurts. You can’t stand the gibberish from all corners at one, and the other tries to sell you things. One has an ATM in the lobby. One laughs at people that are going to hell, that doesn’t seem right. None of them can agree on their beliefs from place to place. Some tell about Jesus, and some hardly do. Some teach the Bible, and some teach from different books. Epic Fail.

By 30, you’ve come to realize that your body is heading toward’s death. Cells stop replenishing at the same growth promoting rate.  Perhaps that old spirit was really seeking to save your body in health for as long as it could. But you’ve got an illness, of the body or mind, or you’re just starting to realize you’re getting old in general. And it just gets older from there.

Life has been a mess, then you die. There is no salvation.

What a story! It’s fiction.

Wherever you are reading this, you know that if you stop for a moment; go somewhere alone away from all of the noise of the world and close your eyes, your spirit is still crying out for that salvation. Nothing you ever did shut it up. You calmed the flesh for a time, and the need for a saving grace would inevitably rise again, much stronger.

At many points during this journey, your spirit is broken.

At this point, the other spirits will find you. Depending on which one you listen to, your life will go one way or another way. Your spirit will be imbued with purpose again, and you will go out to conquer your new manner of salvation. And if it’s anything other than the true manner of salvation, you are either bound to that cycle, or you simply die in it.

Your soul can never die. It knows this. It thinks, therefore it is. That will never stop. Never has, and never will, long after your body has perished and into eternity. When you’re body is gone, you’ll still be you. But there will be only one connection left for it to reside, and that is with the old spirit that has been begging you for salvation.

But what does it mean to die?

The King James Bible says that the wages of sin are death. Meaning apparently that death is your payment for sin. The death of your body. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil gave Adam just that, and he taught that knowledge to his children without choice. It’s all he had to teach, and his children to theirs.

The fruit of the KNOWLEDGE is being eaten at astronomical numbers today. It’s all over the TV, and it’ll keep teaching the world what’s good and bad until the end.

Your body goes into the ground. Your spirit goes somewhere else. Your body received its wage, and the spirit receives its wage in everlasting torment. It already knows this. It’s been begging you for a plan to get out of it since the day you were born.

At one of these times of being a broken spirit, The Holy Spirit of God is going to make His way to you. He’s going to tell you that He loved you too much to let life go on and on like this. Sin entered the world, but He wasn’t going to let that ruin His plan for a Kingdom.

He chose a genetic line to prepare His vessel, and renamed the father of it Israel. They were just as foolish a people as any gentile every was, so, while preparing for this Vessel, He sent prophets ahead of Him to tell of His coming. To steer them back on course.

And then, He was born.

With the same type of body that you have, with the same concerns of the flesh. But, He had an advantage. Whereas our spirit has been in desperate need of salvation from the beginning, His Holy Spirit already knew what the answer was. It gave SPECIFIC instructions from His subconscious mind, which is the mind of God the Father, unto the conscious soul of Him which did not yield to a single temptation of the flesh. Because with the mind of God, His flesh never needed a tool for salvation. It was in Him. He was the vessel.

So God set out on His quest by foot, subjecting Himself to the law He had given, as any just King would.

His teachings were rejected, and He was murdered in unbelief.

But death is the wage of sin, so how can this be? We have a sinless man clearly dead before us, a wage he received brutally. This being the case, His body would have to be buried.

But the soul lives on.

And the Holy Spirit went down into Hell, where the torment could not touch Him. He preached unto the denizens. Told His Gospel. Then He went and scooped up Abraham, King David and Moses and others out of their paradise in hell, and on the way up to heaven with them, up came the flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ, who deserved rapture because He never sinned.

After this had been complete, the flesh received eternal life in the form of a glorified body. One that couldn’t be touched by any form of sin, no matter how violent. It was His right to do this with His vessel, because He had received death at the hands of His own people. It would not happen again.

He then came back, and proved all of this to His original 11, brought in a new apostle for us, the gentiles, named Paul, and revealed to him how every man and woman can receive this Holy Spirit of Salvation.

You tell the Lord Jesus Christ that you believe in Him, despite the rest of the world. You let your spirit break, causing an immediate need for a new operating system. The Holy Spirit knocks on your door, and asks quietly if He can come inside of you.

You say yes, He can.

Your mind is renewed, your spirit now totally aware of the manner of salvation. Your flesh will continue to seek to please itself, and your conscious mind will continue to take clues from the world around you, but the Holy Spirit of God will guide you from the deep up. There will be a constant revitalizing of purpose coming directly from the Holy Spirit, the very same one that assured the mind of the Lord that everything was as it should be.

You then put on the whole armor of God, and see what kind of soldier for salvation you become.

The intent of this blog is to from here, properly delve into the pages of the Bible together. We will not start in Genesis, because the Holy Scriptures are not a story to be read from front to back. They are a multitude of books that need to be rightly divided.